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PTT (Petrolium Authority of Thailand), leading lubricant in Thailand, has invented and developed the best formula in responding to the dynamic changing technology to serve customers of both automotive and industrial sectors. PTT is the leader in launching products with highest quality and best value for money both in personal and commercial use.

PTT offers the most advanced and highest specification of motorcycle oil on the market for motorcycle race bikes with PTT Challenger Super Bike Racing

Motoline™ is a authorised distributor of pttor™ engine oils and lubricants in Australia.

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Motoline offers you a chance to lavish your motorcycle with the same expert care as used by professional race teams, with Penrite’s premium quality range of motorcycle engine oils and speciality products. The Penrite motorcycle range is suitable for late model Japanese, European and US sourced bikes, Asian made pit bikes all the way through to early model and classic American, British and European bikes.

The Penrite range carries the latest industry penrite oil specifications and offers 100% PAO & Ester 100% Synthetic, Semi Synthetic and Mineral ranges with Full ZINC for anti wear protection. They are compatable with petrol and racing fuels such as Avgas, Methanol and Alcohol. Penrite is proud to have a comprehensive range offering quality and value.


MOTUL produces world class motorcycle oil to suit every application from demanding off-road conditions to road going applications. The full range of Motul motor oil from Mineral to 100% Synthetic and 300V range is designed to be superior in its respective application.

MOTUL is a dominant presence in most International Motorsports due to their ability to produce oils to genuinely endure and protect during the toughest conditions in Motor Racing whilst providing Extra Horsepower! Maintaining this presence over many decades has come via a commitment to evolve side by side with the Engine Technology of today and tomorrow. The exact formulations used by these Motorsport Champions can be purchased from your local Australian Motorcycle Dealer.


The original engine oil !

Valvoline has been keeping the world moving for over 150 years. They first breakthrough in engine oil, was engine oil. They didn’t stop there ! From the world’s first racing oil to the world’s first high-mileage blend. There are those who change with the times, and those who drive them


The predator range of motorcycle and power sports batteries is one of the most comprehensive ranges in Australia. Made by one of the worlds leading motorcycle and AGM battery manufacturers. Predator motorcycle and power sports batteries offer the enthusiast a truly world class battery at a value for money price.


We Supply the best motorcycle oil filters on the market made by Wesfil Filters

Wesfil oil filters feature:  - Anti drain-back valve preventing oil draining back out of the filter through the inlet holes - By-pass valve ensures protection of the engine against oil starvation - Strong internal components such as springs and element assemblies - Heat tolerant seals and O-rings - Wesfil nationwide warranty

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