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12th June 2021

Fit for the bike season

The Eni i-Ride racing products are designed for high performance motorcycles that are driven in a sporty way or even used for race training or racing events. Thanks to the high quality synthetic components, these oils ensure sufficient lubrication even under extreme operating conditions.

21st June 2021

Eni sets a new standard with 0W-20 bio-engine oil

Eni is one of the first in the world to develop biological 0W-20 engine oil: Eni i-Sint Bio Tech 0W-20. Thanks to the bio-ester base oil, the Eni i-Sint Bio Tech performs 17 percent better than the traditional 0W-20

27th June 2021

Eni Antifreeze Bike S

Eni Antifreeze Bike S is an amine, phosphate and nitrite free engine coolant based on ethylene glycol. It is a ready to use product for scooters and motorbikes cooling systems. It contains a corrosion inhibitor package based on salts of organic acids (OAT) that delivers durable performances for prolonged change intervals.