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Motul 1L 300V Factory Line 10W40 4T Motorcycle Oil

Motul 1L 300V Factory Line 10W40 4T Motorcycle Oil

100% synthetic motorcycle racing lubricant based on Motul’s Double Ester-Technology. Exceeds all manufacturers specifications and standards. Recommended for use in all performance bikes manufactured by Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Aprilia and others.

Available in other grades


Double Ester technology
Maximum oil film resistance, balanced polarity, resistance at very high temperature
Friction modifier
Maximum power output, decrease operating temperature
0% shear loss
Stable oil pressure whatever using conditions
Maximum anti-wear resistance
Perfect engine cleanliness
10W40 grade is able to absorb fuel dilution in the oil and maintains high oil pressure. Engine can run at very high temperature

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