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MP Grease

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5 KG Tub Viscosity: NLGI 3 - $39.90

15 KG Tub Viscosity: NLGI 2 N/A

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High quality multipurpose greases produced from mineral base oils, lithium thickener and oxidation and corrosion inhibitors for use in automotive and industrial applications where EP greases are not required.

• Recommend for use in automotive and industrial applications such as wheel bearings, shaft joints, ball joints, water pump bearings
• Can be used with normal operating temperature up to 120 oC

Key Features

• NLGI 2, 3
• Resistance to water wash out, retain grease in place in wet environments
• Protect metal surface from rust and corrosion in moist environments
• Prevent dust and dirt from reaching into the moving parts
• Good oxidation and thermal stability

Refer to your vehicle service manual for correct lubricant requirement and service intervals. Search the database for the latest product data sheet you needs.