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Penrite KO2ST Karting 1L

Penrite KO2ST Karting 1L

Penrite KART 10 Tenths KO2ST Karting is a premium full synthetic, ester based two-stroke engine oil engineered specifically for elite Kart Racing. It is designed to provide maximum power and protection in all performance two stroke engines. It uses an advanced, powerful, virtually ashless, clean burning, high performance additive package for maximum lubricity and ultra-low carbon and piston deposits.

Extends engine life
Superior anti-scuff properties
Maximises spark plug life through low ash formulation.
Reduces exhaust port blockages and keeps piston rings free.
Readily mixes with unleaded and leaded petrol.
Outstanding lubricity and detergency, keeping engines clean
Exceeds the warranty requirements for Sea Doo jet skis.
Good for the environment low smoke


10 Tenths KO2ST Karting is engineered for use in all two stroke engines used in either competition or social activity using either a premix or oil injection system. It is ideal for use in the latest direct injection engines.

10 Tenths KO2ST Karting is suitable for use in Go Karts such as 60cc, 100cc, 125cc and water cooled such as Vortex, IAME, Rotax, Yamaha, TM and other engines that require a high performance synthetic two stroke oil or where Castor based products have been previously used. Suitable for use in ICA Class water cooled Go Karts revving to over 21,000 RPM.

10 Tenths KO2ST Karting is also suitable for use in other high performance two stroke engines used in motorcycles, scooters or jet skis, that require a premium full synthetic engine oil.

10 Tenths KO2ST Karting can be used with Petrol / E10 & other conventional fuels. Please note this product is not suitable for use with methanol or E85.

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